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The Marketer is as old as the Market itself -

or Bazaars, if you will - and Marketing was born when the first apple was sold to the first guy who successfully kept the Doctor away. There are records of these Bazaars and Souqs and Haats all over Trade Routes of the ancient world, some remembered while many forgotten...

Bazaari : The Origins

History is full of tales about famous Market Vendors in prosperous Silk Route towns across India & the Middle East. Known as Bazaaris, they ruled marketplaces across Asia. Before Digital Marketing became “Digital” at all, groundwork had already been laid for what someone could achieve using traditional Business wisdom & expressing it successfully using Online Media.

Imagine if hardcore businessmen from these ancient markets were transported to the 21st century & formed a creative Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow - That is SocialBazaari! We combine business insights gathered over the ages with modern Marketing & Branding Techniques using renowned Lucknowi creativity to nurture your brand in your market - which we see as ecosystems - right from birth to being top predator.Heroes in stories have always needed Guardian Angels. Call us to make your Brand - The undefeated Hero of Your Market!


Why We’re Doing This

We gotta admit, We absolutely LOVE Lucknow or Oudh or Awadh - call it what you like. We learnt “Buyer Personas” in Aminabad and in Hazratganj. We learnt “Marketing” techniques in the Wednesday Buddh Bazaar in Mahanagar and Nishatganj... Which is precisely why we are on a mission to change the Digital Marketing industrial spectrum in Lucknow (to begin with).

We want to remove the fear of hiring agencies only to get unsatisfactory Work Ethics, unrealistic expectation settings & unsatisfactory results from the minds of Lucknow’s Businesses & Markets. We want to broadcast tailormade stories and experiences for Lucknow’s people on behalf of these businesses. We have an opportunity to revolutionise a market - & we have made it our mission!

The Sauce

How exactly do we do what we do? We use a combination of Digital Marketing & Branding Techniques like SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing & more along with creative design, brand development & strict Reputation Management to build your business. Take a look at the ingredients for our tangy & tasty Sauce -

Market Research

We produce the best Online Insights for your Brand - so you see your Audience, Competitors and their personas clearly.


A good Agency nurtures discussions. We brainstorm, compile & create The Plan custom made for the Goals you set.

Going Online

- is Big! NEVER compromise - ONLY hire an agency that can do it well for both small Startups & large Corporations - Like SocialBazaari!


Results aren’t supposed to be the Full Stop - they’re supposed to be a comma. We never stop improving the results we produce for you!

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