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52% of consumers expect brands to know when the right moments are to communicate.

(Source - Cube)

If you can’t tell them who you are, you can’t really sell them who you are. You may know your business inside and out, but it hardly matters if your target group of consumers doesn’t understand who you are, what you do and what you stand for. This is the crux of brand development - creating a personality, a character, a reputation for your business. Believe us when we say that your true audience wants to remember your brand image & imbibe your identity design. The right brand consulting agency will know your business, your values & your vision intimately.

When you find the perfect Branding Services provider for your business, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Lucknow or in London because they can translate your brand image perfectly according to your ideal TG. The best brand development consultants are intuitive, creative & can extract the subtlest of common traits within wide audiences. “It takes decades to build a brand & minutes to ruin it completely,'' to paraphrase the great Warren Buffet, & only a branding agency with a firm grasp on the past, present, future, reality and imagination can ensure that your Brand stands the test.

Why is Online Branding crucial for businesses?

50% people follow 1 to 4 brands on social media, 26% follow 5 to 9 brands, 22% follow 10 or more & 3% follow no brands

(Source - BuzzStream)

The World has changed & it has changed rapidly over the last 3 decades. The Internet towers over businesses today & those unwilling to adapt may soon have to wish their businesses goodbye. A corporate branding strategy in 2019 looks like something teenagers would do in the 90’s. The reason? The teenagers of the 90’s are the buyers of today. For anyone providing Branding Services in Lucknow, London or Los Angeles, brand management is incomplete without using social media, websites & other online channels to create brand presence, promote recall & attract loyalty - which ultimately converts into sales & profits!

So, what’s next for Online Branding?

Everything - and then some! From Augmented Reality experiences to Alternate Reality Games and disruptive practices, anything & everything that arrives in world technology, brand development techniques will have to adapt to. Even a startup branding agency in today’s day & age needs to find inventive methods to make its clients stay relevant & popular, be it developing viral new media or engaging market research for businesses. The future holds enormous potential waiting to be unlocked - especially in Tier II markets in developing nations like India. What a branding company in Lucknow can accomplish today could never have been predicted even 5 years ago & this holds true for the future too!

Our Branding services :

Brand Development

33% growth in ROI as a direct result of branding is the norm

(Source - Lucidpress)

Yet again the numbers prove just how essential Brand Development has become for businesses all over the world. Modern business practices have long accepted the importance of techniques like analysing your Brand presence, creating exciting & memorable Brand names & taglines, developing your brand’s identity, story & guidelines to establish themselves in a market and reap the rewards. India Inc is yet to come at par with these - however - studies show that Indian businesses are rapidly incorporating them into their business models. As a prime Branding services provider in Lucknow, SocialBazaari has vowed to facilitate this change with our array of Brand Development services including -

Online Reputation Management

45% consumers unfollow self-promoting brands on social media

(Source - BuzzStream)

This number can be very, very worrying for young entrepreneurs who thought they had hired the best branding agency for startups to assist with their business development. It can also be troubling for an established business fighting to maintain their brand value across online media with what they think are top notch business branding services. Why? Because managing & promoting a brand’s online reputation is a continuous, detailed & intuitive process. Right from knowing what your audience thinks of you, to what you want them to think; what your competitors are doing right to associating with popular names in your industry - SocialBazaari provides it all .Take a look at our list of ORM & PR services in Lucknow

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What is the difference between Branding & Marketing?

LBranding lets your consumers know, remember, follow and stay loyal to your business while Marketing convinces them to Buy your product/service. The 2 are related and circular processes - Branding let customers know, Marketing made them buy, & then Branding kept them loyal to buy again in the future!

Is Branding a good fit for my small business?

Yes! Branding is the difference between a small business, a medium & a large one. If you’re looking for growth - go for Branding!

Is Branding too expensive?

Not if you look at it like an investment into your business rather than an expense. Whatever you invest in branding - when done correctly by the right people - will return its value manifold in the course of the business AND protect it from pitfalls & risks.

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