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The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it processes text

(Source - CrowdSpring)

Let’s be honest - beautiful things sell faster! Your product may be great but if it doesn’t look appealing to your customer, you unfortunately won’t sell too many of them. It takes a website visitor less than 10 seconds to form an opinion about your brand - based on how it looks - but it takes them over 7 views to remember it. This illustrates how easily you can disappoint a prospective customer with even a slight imperfection in graphic designing & branding, while how difficult it is to impress them even after investing heavily in custom logo design & animated videos.
The biggest asset of a great online marketing company is a creative design team. As a graphic design company in Lucknow, no one appreciates it quite like us. Lucknow has traditionally been a hub of artistes, sculptors, painters and more - the creative ancestors of modern designers - and Lucknowites their design very seriously. We combine the creative evolution of art over centuries in Lucknow with modern Logo Design, Brand Design, Videos, Print Design, other graphic designing & even brochure designing services we offer as a leading graphic design company in Lucknow. We owe a lot to incredible Awadh - and Lucknow reflects in our work to spell perfection for Brands all over the world!

How does Graphic Design build a Brand?

For every 2000 business cards passed out, there is a 2.5% increase in sales.

(Source - Adobe)

Any Marketer or Brand Development Consultant worth their salt will tell you how Graphic & Print Design is the most essential part of their brand development techniques. In fact over 94% of consumers exit websites with unattractive graphic design & over 46% of website visitors relate design to the credibility of the brand (Source : Apium Tech). Being a graphic design company in Lucknow, we recognize how a budding market like Lucknow in a rapidly changing online media scenario is likely to build brand recall & loyalty on the basis of Graphic Design - and we use these insights to deliver the best experiences to both Brands & their consumers.

What’s Next in Graphic Design?

These are amazing times to be alive if one is a Graphic Designer. From holographic displays to Augmented Reality interactive experiences, graphic design & media development has come a long way since flyers, brochures and billboards/hoardings. The future of design lies almost exclusively in Video & Interactive visual content. Videos have been delivering exponentially higher engagement for most brands and convey a sense of superior brand value to the average consumer. Don’t wait any longer - get in touch with the leading graphic design company in Lucknow - Step into the future with SocialBazaari!

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Why should I hire a Graphic Design Company in Lucknow?

Because graphic design is a process involving incredible skill & extraordinary creativity - and takes years to master. It is also absolutely essential for brand building & reputation. Which is exactly why we suggest that businesses should never compromise on design, be it in Lucknow or anywhere else in the world.

Is Graphic Design too expensive for my small business?

Only if you want to compromise on your brand’s reputation & consider it to be an expense rather than an investment will it appear to be expensive. However, this is precisely why we offer affordable design services in Lucknow, so that Lucknowi brands don’t have to settle for poor designs.

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